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The summer capital of Kashmir, Srinagar, is among the best tourist places and for good reasons too. First, it the hub of Kashmir and one place where you can easily find the best accommodation, food and dining, transportation and other services. It has an airport and there is plethora of local sights. Famous place to stay is Dal Lake which is dotted with all kinds of hotels. Mughal Gardens are also among the most visited places in Srinagar besides the market place called Lal Chowk… Read More



Located towards the west of Srinagar and some 45 kms away, Gulmarg presents a charming tourist hotspot neighbored by Pir Panjal range. Gulmarg continues to be travelers’ favourite as one of the best Golf Courses and Club is located here. The place features a table land high up the mountains with slopes making it one of the best skiing resorts in Asia. There is Gondola (Cable Car) ride, pony rides and winter sports to make the tour an exciting one… Read More



Pahalgam or the ‘Herder’s Village’ is one more beautiful tourist places located towards the east of Srinagar. It is about 96 kms from Srinagar and takes about 2 hrs in a car. Located in the foothills of Greater Himalayas, the landscape is abound by pine and fir trees, undulated mountains, fast flowing stream called Lidder and exciting treks. Pahalgam is also a popular spot for angling, white water rafting, camping and trekking along the high mountain passes in Greater Himalayas…Read More



Located towards the northeast of Srinagar, Sonamarg makes up the third most popular destination in Kashmir, besides Gulmarg and Pahalgam. It is 82 kms from Srinagar and extends further northeast to Dras and Kargil. Sonamarg has features like Pahalgam and glacial mountains can easily be reached. Sonmarag is also popular among trekkers who travel along the high mountain trekking routes connecting Pahalgam and Sonamarg. High up are located beautiful springs and lakes…Read More



Achabal lies to the southeast of Srinagar and some 62 kms away from it. The destination is popular among tourists for Mughal gardens that were built hundreds of years ago in an elegant style and featuring the typical Mughal architecture. The garden, lined up by the grand Chinar (maple) trees is a great retreat from the scorching sun. Terraced garden and cascading water make the ambience rich and enjoyable.



Some 15 kms from the garden of Achabal lies the famous Kokernag. The place has been named after famous springs that ooze ice cold water beneath the ground. The place features a picturesque garden and a lovely ambience. It is believed that the spring water of Kokernag and many other springs in Kashmir possess the healing effects. However, there is no doubt that the garden is refreshing to the travelers and suitable for those who like to come closer to nature.



About 80 kms from Srinagar and beyond Kokernag lies one more popular tourist place called Verinag. Featuring springs and beautiful gardens, the place is one of the frequently visited by travelers and locals. Very popular specie of trout ‘Rainbow Trout’ flourishes the dark blue water of the spring. There are many legends associated with the paranormal powers associated with the spring. Some people believe that the depth of the Spring is unfathomable.



About 32 kms and to the southwest of Srinagar is present Yusmarg. Meadows with lush vegetation, idyllic environment, small roads flanked by grasslands make it a sensation in its own way. The water brought by the stream Dudh Ganga forms foam after hitting hard the rocks and inclinations and a beautiful lake called Nilnag make up the real ambience. Some 13 kms from Yusmarg lies the holy shrine at Chrar-e-Sharief…Read More



About 75kms from Srinagar and towards the south is a tourist place famous for the waterfall, called Ahrabal. The place lies beyond the apple orchards of Shopian and features a mystic waterfall, great treks and wonderful landscapes. Aharbal is also a popular spot for angling as the water contains ample population of trout fish. The place further make the gateway to the famous trek Kounsernag, which lies at about 13,500 feet from the sea level…Read More



Some 50 kms from the Srinagar, going towards northeast and in Ganderbal, lies the monumental Naranag. The place houses an ancient temple complex built in stone. The stone engravings depict the complex to be dedicated to Shiva. A narrow stream passes nearby, receiving water from the snow capped mountains. The ridge or periphery yields to a range where the picturesque Gangabal Lake is located. A small hamlet with plenty of pine vegetation marks the region…Read More



From Srinagar and less than 50 kms in Budgam district is one more tourist hotspot called Dodhpather. Being in the limelight recently and with landscape development undertaken by state government, Dodhpather attracts a good number of tourists. Meadows, streams, beautiful landscapes make the backdrop of this great tourist destination. However, transportation is limited and hired cars and wagons are some of the convenient means to reach there…Read More



ust 3 kms from Tangmarg and about 38 kms from Srinagar on way to Gulmarg is the place called Drung. It is also one of the recently developed tourist destinations with much expectation from everyone. A large stream that brings water from the glaciers high above Gulmarg is worth to notice. The stream contains trout fish and angling is one sport tourists can indulge in. Also, there are some monuments located in the nearby region…Read More



The beautiful valley of Lolab is a great prize for tourists looking for a quiet and serene place, grasslands, mountains in the backdrop, hamlets on the way and orchards. Paddy fields marked by poplar trees and apple orchards



As you move further south of Achabal, one more tourist place mesmerizes with beauty. The place is called Daksum and is about 87 kms from Srinagar. It lies in the proximity of Achabal Garden and therefore is easily accessible from the same tourist destination. Daksum is again famous for its picture-perfect landscape as well as amusements like angling and trekking. The area is affluent with lush meadows and evergreen pine trees.

Wular Lake


Considered as one of the largest and deepest fresh water lakes in Asia, Wular presents beauty and charm in its own way. Wular Lake falls in the Bandipore district and is fed by River Jhelum. There is rich biodiversity sustained by the lake. Many species of fish, birds and smaller animals are commonly found ones.